Sunday, February 28, 2010

2000 Chinese Silver Panda

2000 Chinese Silver Panda Obverse (Mirrored Ring Version)

2000 Chinese Silver Panda Reverse

The 2000 Chinese Silver Panda was issued with the following denominations:

1 oz.t 40mm 10 Yuan BU Unknown Mintage
1 kg 100mm 300 Yuan Proof 2,000

Total NGC graded Frosty: 1,255
MS70 (19); MS69 (989); MS68 (152); MS67 (62); MS66 (16); MS65 (14); MS64 (2); MS63 (0); MS62 (1)

Total NGC graded Mirrored: 241
MS70 (0); MS69 (188); MS68 (48); MS67 (5)

The turn of the millennium is a turn of good fortune for coin dealers and collectors who boarded the cart early. Looking back in Year 2000, silver spot price never went above US$5.50. What could have been issued at silver bullion price by the mints have been greatly inflated within the decade by collectors or perhaps, the dealers themselves. This version of the Silver Panda coin also attracted the most number of counterfeits.

For Year 2000, there are 2 versions of the Silver Panda. The coin can be distinguished by the obverse of the coin. The ring of the coin as the name suggested was either Frosted or Mirrored, with the Mirrored - the domestic version. Prices have shown that the Mirrored version is the more sought after between the two and most sought of the series.

Average Transacted Price in ebay (Jun - Dec 2009) (Shipped):

1 oz.t - S$157.80 (Frosted)
1 oz.t - S$360.17 (Mirrored)
1 kg - S$3,473.99 (COA & Box)
NGC MS69 Frosted - S$179.02
PCGS MS69 Frosted - S$193.92
NGC MS69 Mirrored - S$369.19

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