Saturday, November 6, 2010

1989 Silver Proof Panda

1989 is the first year of issue of the BU Silver Panda coin. Hence, the design of the Proof and BU versions are only differentiated by the 'P' mint mark besides the proof finishes. The Panda on the Proof version tends to be frosty compared to the BU although there were also frosty versions found on the BU types.

Planned and Actual Mintage: 25,000

Average Transacted Prices (Jan - Nov 2010):

Coin in capsule - S$103.27 (US$48.83) (2)
Coin in capsule with Box - S$96.91 (US$65.00) (2)
Coin in capsule with COA & Box - S$124.67 (US$86.47) (3)
Double sealed coin - S$96.02 (US$62.50) (6)
Double sealed coin with COA - S$120.36 (US$84.00) (2)
Double sealed coin with COA & Box - S$102.33 (US$65.26) (4)

The potential of the 1989 version could have been reached with prices more than doubled in November from US$46 to US$122 for a doubled sealed coin with COA. Price of around US$100 would be a good buy for a set with COA and Box.

NGC PF69 UCAM - S$159.74 (US$100)
PCGS PR68 DCAM - S$83.87 (US$46)
PCGS PR69 DCAM - S$128.31 (US$82.72) (4)

Do not that prices for the graded coins were from first half of 2010. No transactions could be tracked for second half of the year.

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