Saturday, November 6, 2010

1984 Silver Proof Panda

The 1984 Silver Proof Panda has the same mintage and specifications as the 1983 version.

Transacted prices:

Coin in capsule - S$759.13 (US$525.00)
Double-sealed coin - S$801.84 (US$551.11)
Coin in capsule with COA - S$723.84 (US$520.11)
Coin in capsule with COA & box - S$1,734.95 (US$1,325.00)

PCGS PR68 DCAM - S$842.60 (US$583.21)
NGC PF68 UCAM - S$1,040.09 (US$750.00)
NGC PF69 UCAM - S$1,481.98 (US$1,064.96)

This undervalued coin has awakened. Though there were no similar transactions for comparison in 2009, in 2010, 4 transactions for NGC PF69 UCAM averaged at about S$1,148 (US$790) from March to May. In September and October, prices jumped to S$1,774.74 (US$1,299) and S$2,526.77 (US$1,930) respectively - more than 100% increase. In comparison with 1985 version, the 1984 Silver Proof Panda coin should have more upside.

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