Saturday, June 6, 2009

1991 Chinese Gold Panda

Today marks the purchase of my second Gold Panda in a week. It sure cost me quite some cash but for a coin mintage of 36,367 and it has been regarded as a scarce coin. We need to be clear about the terms 'Rare' and 'Scarce' being used here. I would consider a coin 'Rare' if it has low mintage of less than 5,000. 'Scarcity' of a coin would imply that it is seldom available for sale.

This coin like the 1987, comes in a sealed package with a label stating it is Made in China by China Gold Coin Incorporation (Lower row) and issued by The People's Bank of China (Upper row). Due to its different packaging, the overall weight for the coin is 1.065 oz.t or 33.2g.

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